Campaign News

Check out the most recent updates on our efforts to increase federal funding for environmental education.

2008 News

4/22/08: EE Legislation Update
HESA, FY09 Appropriations, and No Child Left Inside Act

2/8/08: EE Legislation Update
Higher Education Sustainability Act (HESA) – ANOTHER BIG STEP FORWARD!

2007 News

12/20/07: EE Legislation Update
FY08 NOAA and EPA Appropriations

12/15/07: EE Legislation Update
Higher Education Sustainability Act (HESA) – TREMENDOUS PROGRESS!

11/29/07: EE Legislation Update
Great news for Higher Education Sustainability Act (HESA)!

9/23/07: EE Hill Report
Unprecedented momentum continues to build for environmental education in Washington.

4/23/07: EE Hill Report
It has been an active and promising couple of months for environmental education in Washington – except for the FY07 budgets.

2/16/07: FY07 EE Appropriations Update
Good news! NOAA EE funding for FY07 has been largely restored and EPA EE funding is likely to be restored as well.

2006 News

11/9/06: What the 110th (2007) Congress May Mean for Environmental Education

11/7/06: Update on FY 07 NOAA and EPA Education Funding

3/30/06: House of Representatives Adopts Pro-Environmental Education Amendment
During consideration of H. R. 609, the College Access and Opportunity Act, the House of Representatives, adopted an amendment that directs the Secretary of Education to convene a national summit of higher education sustainability experts within a year.

3/8/06: Letters sent to Congress supporting restoration and doubling of NOAA?s FY07 Education Initiatives funding
When the President?s FY2007 budget was submitted to Congress it once again zeroed out funding for key environmental literacy programs including NOAA?s Office of Education and Sustainable Development. On March 8, 2006 the Campaign for Environmental Literacy assisted nearly 30 organizations in coming together on a letter to the Congressional bodies that control NOAA?s budget. We requested that this vital funding be restored and doubled for FY 2007. 

2/16/06: National Environmental Literacy Legislative Agenda Established
Over 20 leaders and advocates for environmental literacy met on February 16, 2006 at the offices of the National Wildlife Federation to discuss the following common legislative agenda for 2006.

2005 News

11/22/05: Environmental Educators Praise Congressional Leaders

11/22/05: Appropriations Conclusion for FY 2006!

11/17/05: Appropriations Update

11/10/05: Appropriations Update

11/7/05: Appropriations Update

10/31/05: Appropriations Update

9/28/05: EE Awards Presentation to Congress

9/26/05: Appropriations Update

9/16/05: Appropriations Update

9/9/05: Appropriations Updates

8/5/05: Appropriations Updates

8/3/05: Appropriations Updates

8/1/05: Legislative Update

7/29/05: Appropriations Updates

7/27/05: Appropriations Updates

7/25/05: Appropriations Updates

7/20/05: Appropriations Updates

6/29/05: Appropriations Updates

6/21/05: Appropriations Updates