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The Facts on Federal Funding for Environmental Education

The resources below are designed to help you understand how Environmental Literacy is supported by the federal government.

Federal Investment in Environmental Education
The solution to closing the environmental literacy gap.

Legislative History
Past federal attempts to fund environmental education.

Congressional Champions of Environmental Education
Important information regarding past enviornmental education legislation and which Members of Congress supported our field

How Congress Funds Environmental Education
Understanding the Congressional Appropriations process.

NAAEE Policy Information and Resources
Action alerts, key Congressional contacts, and other legislative resources from the North American Association for Environmental Education.

EPA's Office of Environmental Education 1990-2004
How the OEE, often in conjunction with local communities, utilizes its funding to advance Environmental Education. (PDF)

Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest
Please visit the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest if you are seeking guidance on lobbying rights and restrictions.